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Solar Indesign isn't just a symbol; it's your eco-friendly Freelite® solution for Solar Lights that are built for the outdoors and come with no running costs! Let's illuminate your minds and brighten your feed with a dedication to clean energy. Explore our range today!

Solar Lights Built For The Outdoors

LED Solar Lights Providing Free Illumination and No Wiring Brilliance.


Are You Tired of Your Outdoor Solar Lights Failing to Illuminate When You Need Them Most? 

We understand the frustration that comes with relying on solar-lighting, only to discover them dim or completely inactive due to inadequate battery or solar panel components.


At Solar Indesign, we pride ourselves on incorporating the latest advancements in solar technology into our products. Our solar lights utilise advanced battery technology to store energy efficiently, ensuring reliable performance even during cloudy days or limited sunlight. With enhanced battery capacity and dusk till dawn control, you can count on consistent illumination every night, regardless of weather conditions.

Solar Indesign Your Home

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